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“Your office provides the best chiropractic care in the area. In the last year my pain level has gone from 9-10 to 4-5. I quit using my cane three months ago.”
Mary, 56 year old, Dubuque, IA
“I have experienced significant improvement in an area in which I’ve had ongoing numbness for 10+ years. I thank you for the returned feeling in my left foot.”
Martin, 60 year old, Dubuque, IA
“As a chiropractor myself, I only want the best doctors adjusting my spine. When I got pregnant, I did some research in our area and found Dr. Katie and Dr. Ryan. They both took such amazing care of me during my entire pregnancy so I could keep going in my own practice. With their adjustments, I was able to work up until the day I went into labor, and have the natural birth I planned.”
Dr. Lauryn Brunclik, D.C., C.A.C.C.P, (Chiropractor)
“Dr. Ryan and Dr. Katie are dedicated to improving overall health of their patients. I have felt 100% better since starting my treatments with Dr. Katie. She is very caring and knowledgeable-I know she cares about my overall health.”
Tracey, (40 year old), Dubuque, IA
“The care you get at Ideal Chiropractic is comfortable and great. You feel better when you walk out the door. I feel better and it has helped me do everyday activities.”
Heidi, (16 year old), Dubuque, IA
“When I was coming off of a very addictive prescription medication I felt dizzy, mentally disconnected, and nauseous. Getting regular adjustments by the doctors at Ideal Chiropractic immediately relieved my symptoms and helped me regain mental clarity. Now I am off of the medication and healthier than ever! Thanks Dr. Ryan and Dr. Katie!”
Becky, (24 year old), Dubuque, IA
“Both, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Katie, have been fabulous to work with for myself (through pregnancy) and my two small children (ages 2 & 4). Dr. Katie’s ability to relate to both my children eased their apprehensions and made for a pleasant experience. I’ve appreciated them taking the time to not only address my needs but educate me about my body and the benefits of chiropractic care. Much of my pain-free pregnancy can be attributed to this. Thank you Dr. Ryan and Dr. Katie!”
Renee, (27 year old), Dubuque, IA
“The way Drs. Ryan and Katie live their lives and serve others is a true blessing and inspiration! Thank you so much!”
Arlaina, (32 year old), Dubuque, IA
“Each session at Ideal Chiropractic is a learning session. They are very knowledgeable and thorough. I feel better.”
Rena, (57 year old), Dubuque, IA