Lower back pain takes a toll on numerous amounts of people each and every day. When you suffer from severe lower back pain, a simple activity like walking might hurt tremendously, not to mention more strenuous activities that can become unbearable. Everyday tasks that you used to take for granted, like walking from the parking lot to the grocery store, can suddenly become a great challenge when you’re dealing with nerve wrenching lower back pain.

For some people, their lower back pain will shoot straight down and into one or both of their legs. In other cases, lower back pain might even swell or numb a person’s feet. Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common health complaints and the lower region of the back is usually the culprit. Approximately 8 out of 10 people will suffer from back pain at some point during their lives.

Generally speaking, most back pain seems to taper off on its own after a few short days or weeks. Yet even so, there are still mass amounts of people struggling with chronic lower back pain. If you have been dealing with debilitating lower back pain that has lasted for weeks, months or even years, then you’re definitely dealing with a chronic back pain and should get the help you need.

Diagnosis and Treatment in Dubque

Believe it or not, Americans typically spend over $100 billion in total annual costs trying to manage their lower back pain. This figure includes the costs spent on prescription painkillers and traditional medical care. In spite of that fact, chiropractic care continues to offer a safe and effective alternative to pain management. Although the source of lower back pain is challenging to diagnose, treat, and study, our chiropractors do everything we can to treat your body as a whole. We do not simply mask the underlying problem by giving all of our attention to your symptoms. We do the opposite – we try to find the exact cause of your lower back pain.

Whenever you experience back pain, it is best to get a check up because taking preventative measures are always important in reference to your spinal health. This is because certain conditions that might be the source of your pain, like degenerative disc disease, are not truly reversible by nature. However, you can make lifestyle changes to protect and improve your quality of life. You do not need to live in pain every day.

At Ideal Chiropractic, Dr. Ryan Effertz and Dr. Katie Effertz approach lower back pain in two ways. After a complete spinal exam and analysis, we will determine the underlying source your pain. If we find that you are suffering from an acute problem, we will supply you with the self-care tools and guidance that you will need in order to make a speedy recovery. However, if we find that you are dealing with a chronic issue, we will do everything we can to correct the situation.

After carefully constructing a personalized treatment plan, our chiropractors will use their findings as a guide towards determining which chiropractic technique would best benefit your unique situation. As an example, our chiropractic adjustment technique is one of several options that we may or may not use during your healing process. Other options might include specific exercises, massages, or therapy techniques. Ultimately, we would choose the technique that provides the best lower back pain relief and recovery for your specific situation.

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The research is positive on chiropractic treatment for lower back pain. Our goal is to help you ease your pain, and to get you up and moving as soon as possible. We also want to make sure you take all the necessary steps to prevent further pain or damage from occurring.

Never take any form of back pain lightly. Get a check up at Ideal Chiropractic today and always appreciate the benefits of good spinal health moving forward. Pick up the phone and call Dr. Ryan Effertz and Dr. Katie Effertz at 563-845-7283 to schedule your appointment.