Chiropractic care effectively treats whiplash without the use of invasive surgery or addictive painkillers. With chiropractic care, patients receive a holistic treatment plan designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation, and improve nerve function. Chiropractors use the term ‘spinal manipulation’ when referring to their alternative treatment methods. Spinal manipulation is also used to treat other forms of pain such as lower back pain, neck pain, or headache pain, to name a few.

Whiplash, in particular, is known as an acute form of neck pain. Therefore, it is often seen as a short-term issue that can be fully healed within a few months when handled under the care of an experienced chiropractor. Whiplash is also commonly associated with car accidents. When people think about whiplash, they immediately think about car accidents and vice versa. This is because whiplash is caused when the neck muscles become injured due to the back and forth thrashing of the neck during impact. What most people fail to realize is whiplash can easily occur whether or not that impact was high speed or low speed. On another note, whiplash can also occur during any traumatic jolt to the neck muscles. Car accidents are not the sole cause of all whiplash injuries. Furthermore, neck pain is not the sole symptom of whiplash. When a person is experiencing difficulties moving their head back and forth or if their neck movements seem restricted, they are probably dealing with a whiplash injury.

Proper Diagnosis of Whiplash in Dubuque

At Ideal Chiropractic, a highly proficient chiropractor will evaluate your spine as a whole before giving you a clearly stated whiplash diagnosis. We do this because it is important for us to make sure your injury is in fact caused by whiplash, as opposed to other neck injuries.  Dr. Ryan Effertz and Dr. Katie Effertz of Ideal Chiropractic want to ensure you are being treated accurately. Therefore, even if you come to our office complaining of neck pain directly after a car accident, you should still expect a complete and thorough spinal exam.

During a full spinal exam, our chiropractors look for issues such as restricted joint mobility, disc or ligament injuries, and muscle spasms. In addition to looking, our chiropractors also use a diagnostic technique that involves touch. This way our chiropractors can manually feel your spine for abnormal tenderness or tightness. We also analyze your walk, posture, and spinal alignment in order to understand your boy’s unique mechanics. Your entire spine is examined and carefully analyzed because your neck might not be the only region affected. Every meticulous detail counts because these bits of information help us construct your treatment plan. In some cases, we may need to compare your physical and neurological examination with further testing to explore any degenerative changes that may have existed prior to your whiplash injury. Tests may include pictures of your spine such as x-rays or MRI’s.

Chiropractic Treatments for Whiplash in Iowa

Our chiropractors treat whiplash by examining each patient as a whole. In other words, we do not treat neck pain without also treating the source of your problem. Otherwise, we would only be tending to your symptoms without solving the underlying issue. Therefore, we practice holistic health and emphasize prevention. We believe these values help us improve the long-term quality of life for all of our patients.

With respect to whiplash specifically, we prescribe therapeutic exercises to reduce pain and inflammation, to stretch soft tissues, to stimulate any nerve-related issues, to alleviate tension, or to increase blood circulation. Your treatment plan depends on the severity and complexity of your whiplash injury.

Your treatment plan depends on the severity of your whiplash injury. The most common chiropractic technique is a chiropractic adjustment. However, there are other chiropractic techniques such as manual therapy, electrical stimulation, or therapeutic massage.

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If you think you have whiplash or if you are experiencing neck pain, please do not delay. Contact Ideal Chiropractic Health Center so we can start treating the problem – not just the symptoms.