Chiropractic Adjustment in Dubuque, Iowa

The most common chiropractic procedure is an adjustment. A chiropractic adjustment restores joint mobility through skillfully placed and controlled pressure on the joints. The pressure on the joints are carefully directed and controlled to remove interference in the nervous system, restore balance, and increase proper communication within the body. Adjustments are typically used for lower back pain, but can also be used for treating headaches, and other spine-related conditions, such as neck pain.  Patients who generally benefit from adjustments are people who have limited movement due to an injury. The adjustment usually helps to restore the function and mobility back to the patient. It is very rare for patients to feel any pain or discomfort during an adjustment – most patients feel relief.

After several years of training, a chiropractor is an expert at using the correct amount of force on a patient. Typically when patients go for an adjustment, chiropractors are putting pressure on the vertebrae that have abnormal movement patterns or are functioning abnormally. While performing an adjustment, chiropractors are focusing mainly on reducing subluxation, which is a partial unusual separation of the cartilage or bone surfaces of a spinal joint. By reducing the subluxation, chiropractors hope to increase the patient’s range of motion, reduce nerve irritability, and improve overall function.

First Chiropractic Adjustment in Dubuque

During your first adjustment, you can expect your chiropractor to place you in certain specific positions to treat the affected areas. Patients are often positioned lying face down on a padded chiropractic table. Once you’re in position, your chiropractor will then apply pressure to a joint with his or her hands, to push the joint beyond its usual range of motion. The adjustment will typically involve a rapid, short lever arm thrust by the chiropractor applied to a vertebra that will release pressure on the affected joints. You may hear popping or cracking sounds as your chiropractor moves your joints during the session, which is completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about. After your initial session, your doctor may also recommend other treatment approaches to go along with the adjustments, such as applying heat or ice, stretching, electrical stimulation, exercise, weight loss, or a massage.

Lower Back Pain Relief

A chiropractic adjustment can be an effective treatment for lower back pain and provide patients with much needed relief. At Ideal Chiropractic Health Center, we take the time to specifically measure nerve system function, providing a surprisingly gentle adjustment that all of our patients love. Our main goal is to improve your mobility and to restore normal function back to your body. Contact Ideal Chiropractic Health Center to schedule your first adjustment! Call (563) 231-9802 today. We welcome your call!